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Special Offers


Daily Hightower Pre-Market Open Report

  • Includes Grains, Energy and Financial Futures Product!
  • Send before market opens
  • English
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The Longest Stock Index Futures Bull Market in History?

  • We are officially in the second longest bull market since World War II. So where do we go from here, and how could current world events impact the climb of stock index futures?

  • To find out, download this proprietary ADMIS white paper, authored by our own Alan Bush.

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Will Tax Reform Delays Derail this Stock Index Futures Bull Market?

  • The current stock index futures bull market was born in March 2009, and has made steady progress despite a multitude of "risk-off" events both domestically and overseas. So how could tax reform legislation affect the market?
  • Download this timely white paper by Senior Financial Economist Alan Bush.
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Gold is Now an Interest Bearing Asset

  • A major new fundamental for the gold market!
  • Includes charts, commentary and more
  • Proprietary ADMIS research
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2018 Commodity Chart Book: Mid-Year Edition

  • 20 popular contracts listed
  • Includes charts, commentary and more
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